St. Sava Street Race in Valjevo, Serbia

27. January is celebrated as Saint Sava day in Serbia, and that is the time when schools and students are tributing his life through art and sport performances.

Valjevo is no difference, and since 1993. City of Valjevo and Athletic Club Metalac organise St. Sava Street Race.  Beside youg categoriies, race also features senior competition and is considered a first winter test. 

Race it self has an interesting history: it was started in hard times, by the people who where first to stand for democracy in Serbia, first race winner was famous serbian athlete Goran Raičević. 

Official site of the Street Race is where you can find more about race history, results, street tracks and so on. Site is in serbian cyrilc, so please use google translate. 

See you on start.