Ported Redis to Windows

Since I am officially on vacation and since I won’t travel anywhere, at least I can do is to support projects I like. Redis is first.

I was already exploring redis, learning how it works. While doing so, I came close to full win32 port. Moments ago I polished a few last bits and here it is.


  • Native MinGW port, no external dependencies
  • Windows 32 (didn’t try to compile on Win64)
  • Everything is ported: server, client, linenoise, fix utils, benchmark.
  • As close to unix version as possible
  • All tests pass
  • All commands work
  • Only caveat is since there is no fork() on windows
    commands using it do work, but they work in foreground.

If you have full msysGit or ruby DevKit you can clone my repository and build it using make from command line. More detail in README and source code comments, and I’ll post more here about porting.

Source code


Prebuild binaries (Win32)

http://github.com/dmajkic/redis/downloads  (looks like GitHub denies access)

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2931334/redis-2.1.4-win32.zip (alternate location)

More about redis:



Stay tuned.